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Planning a classy and elegant Halloween wedding!

Halloween doesn’t have to be just about ghosts and goblins; check out those lace pumpkins! Love them.

Looking for guest posters for a wedding blog!

I recently started a new wedding blog over on Blogger (, but since my first blog was this one right here on Tumblr I wanted to reach out to other Tumblr wedding bloggers first! I would love to have some guest posts from time to time as I focus on other areas of getting the new blog up and running. As far as vendors and such, it’s more focused on New England, but general posts that pertain to brides everywhere are wanted as well.

So if you have tips, DIY ideas/projects, or anything else wedding-related (or if you’re a bride-to-be and want to share your wedding planning journey as a potential regular guest poster), and want to get more traffic to your own blog (because I’ll obviously link back to you), send me a message through Tumblr or email me at!


When I first started this blog I took requests for colors, themes, etc.

It was really fun, and so I’d like to open that up again. I’ll be posting them at my new blog ( but will also be linking to those posts here as well to let you know when they’ve been posted. 

If you read a lot of different blogs on different platforms (Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, etc.) I seriously suggest signing up on Bloglovin’ to keep them all in one spot.

I received some awesome requests when I did this before, hopefully I can get a few more now! Either send them to my ask here or comment on my other blog; thanks!


Calling all New England brides!

I’ve started a new blog over on blogger (though I’m not abandoning this one!) and am looking to feature some real New England weddings (or showers, engagement sessions, what have you)! 

If you’re interested, check out the post here, and to all of the loyal followers of this blog I hope you’ll come check me out over on blogger at New England Engagements (even if you aren’t from New England). It’s brand new as of last night so don’t mind the design or emptiness of it yet, since I’m still in the very beginning stages.

I just wanted to post about here first of all because I appreciate all of my followers on this blog, including the ones who continued to follow me even during my little hiatus from here.

 So please join me over there, and if you or anyone you know has a New England wedding or wedding-related event you want to share with me I’d love the help with getting up and running!

Hope to see you over there :)


The Top 20 Wedding Favors for Every Bride and Wedding Style

I know I’ve posted this article a while ago but it finally got a long-awaited update! You can see some examples of the favor ideas and go right to Amazon to check them out. I love that beach-themed candle!


Love these colors! Here’s another set almost like my last post: everything you need to tie your package together, or to use individually. 


Save the Date


Envelope Seal/Sticker

For those that like to do their own designing I’m going to be posting some blank templates, basically pictures like these but without words, that you can add your own wording to!


Here’s an entire collection to pull everything together! Double sided bridal shower invitations with matching stamps, envelope seal, and thank you card; and a keychain (for either the bride/groom or used as a favor).

Of course, any of these can be used individually as well.



Thank You Card


Envelope Seal/Stickers


NOTE: The invitations I’ve recently posted (starting with the blue and white bridal shower) and will post in the near future are all from Zazzle, which almost always has some kind of promotion/sale/discount going on. Today (8/8/13) they’re offering free shipping, but they frequently have some kind of percentage off, so it’s worth looking into!

Pink bokeh and martini bachelorette party (could be used for 21st birthday as well?) invitations! I love the back, too.

See it here


Double-sided bridal shower invitations on Zazzle. The front is kept simple, only with the most important information, with more details on the back. The simplicity of the front and the floral picture make it a display-worthy invite!

Click here to be taken to the Zazzle page


Wedding Ideas for Coffee Lovers